About Me

Hi! My name is Holly and welcome to my blog.

I simply love houses and everything that goes into them. Searching for a new house and renovating it in my imagination has become a form of entertainment for me. I spend endless hours exploring MLS listings, scouring interior design magazines, garnering inspiration and dreaming of, well, my dream home. This blog is an attempt to share what I find inspiring.

I think my fascination started when I was little. My father was a homebuilder and I spent countless hours in model homes pretending they were my own. As a “grown-up”, I collaborated with my father on a few remodeling projects in my own homes and an all out obsession was born!

I am not currently remodeling my home – been there, done that – so I need some sort of an outlet for my passion. Consequently, I’ve created truebluedecor.com!

I hope you enjoy my blog.