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March 7, 2012

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Years ago, I was walking through Beaver Creek, CO and spotted this painting in the window of an art gallery (C. Anthony Gallery).

With Love - Mackenzie Thorpe

With Love

I loved it and although I’ve never collected art, unless you consider my framed posters from Z Gallery art, I wanted this painting! Mackenzie Thorpe is one of the most sought after artists in the UK. Most of his paintings make me happy as they are filled with smiling faces of children and animals with big heads that remind us that our own heads are filled with endless possibility. His paintings are colorful representations of hope, love, laughter, innocence, struggle and adversity. Someday, I hope I can replace the framed posters that hang on my walls with a few painting from his collection! Go check out his work at Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do!

Mackenzie Thorpe - Bee My Love

Bee My Love

Mackenzie Thorpe - Love Cat

Love Cat

Mackenzie Thorpe - All The World Is Playing

All The World Is Playing

Mackenzie Thorpe - Cause I Love You

Cause I Love You

Mackenzie Thorpe - Leap Of Faith

Leap Of Faith

Mackenzie Thorpe - Waiting For Me Dad

Waiting For Me Dad

Mackenzie Thorpe - Variations


Mackenzie Thorpe - The Innocent

The Innocent

Mackenzie Thorpe - Richmond Winter

Richmond Winter

Mackenzie Thorpe - Over The Moon And Stars

Over The Moon And Stars

 All images from Mackenzie Thorpe’s official website.

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