A Thing For Owls…

February 29, 2012

in Random

Last year I was in Anthropologie and saw four paintings that I wanted so desperately. I completely should’ve bought them because I never did stop thinking about them. One had a darling picture of an owl perched on a branch. They were so cute!

I want to buy this guy to use as a cookie jar in my kitchen. As I started searching for other owl cookie jars, I realized there is quite an obsession with owls out there – maybe because they symbolize wisdom, or maybe because they are so darn cute!

Anthropologie Canister

Owl Wallpaper - photo from dailyimprint.blogspot.com

Tiny Prints Little Hoot

image via Pinterest

Owl Mittens (via Pinterest) - so cute

Owl Wallpaper (for your computer)

Owl Art

Owlicious Cupcakes (Pinterest)

Anthropologie Canister

Darling cake via susannah.typepad.com

Anthropologie Canister

Green Nest - Etsy

love this book - the illustrations are darling

Cutest Book

 Owl done now!


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